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Protect your hard earn money,  trust only licensed real estate professionals.


PAREB Directory is an extensive directory of all its members in good standing to guide the public on the real estate professionals they can trust for their real estate transactions.


There are four (4) type of real estate professionals in the Philippines.  Please click the profession you want below to see the directory of PAREB members who are of good standing.


 REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS (REC) - are the highest level of real estate professionals who have at least 10 years experience in real estate brokerage and/or 5 years experience as real estate appraisal.  Licensed RECs went thru a rigorous board exam that consist of a written test and a real estae feasibility study that they prepared and defended in front of a panel of experts including the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Services (PRBRES).   Real estate consultants are the best professionals to prepare project feasibility studies and development plans involving real estate properties.



 - are real estate professionals that can be trusted to determine the value of a real estate property.   They use scientific approach, both quantitative and qualitative, to determine the value and highest best use of a property.  Usually values are estimated using the market data approach, cost approach or income approach depending on the requirements of the client and the nature of the property.  Licensed real estate appraisers need to undergo a national board exam to get their license to practice and must renew their license every three (3) years thru continuiung education and insurance bond renewal.


 REAL ESTATE BROKERS (REB) - are real estate professionals that are trained advice clients on the best properties for sale, lease and joint venture in a particular area.  The are well versed in the proper procedures and processes in all types of real estate transactions.   Licensed real estate brokers need to undergo a national board exam to get their license to practice and must renew their license every three (3) years thru continuiung education and insurance bond renewal.


 REAL ESTATE SALESPERSONS (RES) - are real estate salespersons work under the supervision of licensed real estate brokers.  They assist clients in their decisions on the best properties for sale, lease and joint venture in a particular area.   Accredted real estate salespersons undergo an extensive training and is accredited by PRC and his/her licensed broker.


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PAREB Conferences

PAREB conducts a lot of conferences nationwide and worldwide to boost the knowledge, skills and network of all its members.  PAREB members benefit in the conferences by: 

1) CPD credits - members earn CPD ranging from 5-15 hours per conference.  This will enable members to meet the 45hours needed when they renew their licenses every rhree (3) years.

2) Business Opportunities -  there are many exhibitors in PAREB conferences offering members business opportunities in real estate project selling, loan services facilitating and many more

3) Network Building -  members get to meet and build their network of fellow professionals nationwide and worldwide to facilitate transactions and joint ventures.

4) Industy skills and updates -  the many respected speakers and topics of the conference will arm members with the much needed skills and knowledge to make them the best and most reliable experts in their locality.

5.  Recreational Tours -  Conferences are strategically located  in places that are exciting to explore and experience.  Members usually go on group tours before and after each conference.


There are many conferences organized by PAREB in partnership with its local or international partners.  Among the most attended are:


PAREB National Conference (NATCON) - usually held every 1st week of October at one of the many exciting places in the Philippines.

PAREB Joint Visayas-Mindanao Conference - usually held every 1st or 2nd week of April at one of the many exciting places in Visayas or in Mindanao.

PAREB Joint NCR-Luzon Conference - usually held every 1st or 2nd week of July at one of the many exciting places in NCR or Luzon.

Asean Real Estate Network Alliance (ARENA) - usually held annual with one of the ASEAN countries


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History of PAREB

The Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards, (PAREB) traces its beginnings to November 7, 1938, when the Manila Realty Board (later called Manila Board of REALTORS® or MBR) was organized by Colin McCrae Hoskins. It was the first realty board in the Philippines. Joining Hoskins in the board were Jose Araneta, Federico Calero, Jose Felix, Rosendo Subido, J. Perez Tagle and Tomas de Vera.

When MBR was accredited as an affiliate of the then National Association REALTORS® Board (NAREB) of the USA (now NAR-USA), the MBR members were given the first right to exclusive use of the trademark REALTOR® in doing real estate business in the Philippines. The trademark was patented to NAREB and registered with the U. S. Patent Office under Document Nos. 519780 and 515200, and with the Philippines Patent Office under Document No. 5385.

On September 18, 1951, the Davao Realty Board (DRB) was organized with the assistance of REALTORS® Lucio Ildefonso, Federico Calero and Aurelio Aquino. It was incorporated on July 29, 1952, with REALTORS® Juan Espolong, Joseph De Tagle, Alfonso Mata, Jose Tinio and Enrico Nograles as its first members.

On February 3, 1953, NAREB recognized MBR as a national organization and elected REALTOR® Federico Calero as a NAREB Director.

When REALTOR® Antonio Varias succeeded Calero as MBR president, he felt that MBR and DRB would not constitute a national association. Varias wanted more boards organized in other urban centers of the country to make the association truly national in scope.

In 1955, Varias appointed a committee to organize more real estate boards. An intensive campaign was launched. People who wanted to become real estate brokers were taught and made to take the broker's licensing examination.

Five years later, PAREB was formed. The charter members were 9 Boards and 6 individuals.

Manila Board of REALTORS® 
Davao City REALTORS® Board 
Quezon City Board of REALTORS® 
Pasay City REALTORS® Board 
Baguio REALTORS® Board 
Bicol REALTORS® Board 
Cavite REALTORS® Board 
Cebu Board of REALTORS® 
Negros REALTORS® Board 
Date Founded
November 7, 1938
September 18, 1951
September 9, 1958
March 14, 1959
January 2, 1959
March 1960
February 14 , 1960
February 1960
December 28, 1959


Ernesto G. Castañeda
Ramon F. Cuervo, Jr.
Alberto E. Filamor
Artemio U. Valencia
Rosendo V. Donida
Ciriaco N. Montano

The signing of the Articles of Incorporation, which was held on April 29, 1960, was witnessed by Bureau of Commerce Secretary Manuel L. Lim and Director Rizalino Pablo.

The Articles of Incorporation was notarized on May 15, 1960 (adopted as the birthday of PAREB) and was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 2, 1960.

The original incorporators and the first Board of Directors were as follows:

Marcelo S. Balatbat
Alfredo Buot
Federico Calero
Juan Espolong
C. M. Hoskins
Lucio Ildefonso
Teodoro Kalaw, Jr.
Aurelio Locsin
Macario Mariano
Domingo Pascual
Juan M. Ruiz
Rosendo O. Subido
Antonio Varias
Tomas de Vera
Juan F. Zarate

Alfredo Buot
Juan Espolong
Lucio Ildefonso
Teodoro Kalaw, Jr.
Aurelio Locsin
Macario Mariano
Domingo Pascual
Juan M. Ruiz
Rosendo O. Subido
Antonio Varias
Juan F. Zarate

On Sept 7, 1960 the Bureau of Commerce issued a Certificate of Recognition to PAREB in accordance with Section 28 of Commerce Administration Order No. 60-1, making PAREB the Bureau's official consultative body at the national level for the real estate industry.

On November 2, 1960, NAREB signed an agreement with PAREB. The agreement effected recognition of PAREB as a national association and as NAREB's sole affiliate in the Philippines. Also, the agreement passed on from the Manila Board of REALTORS® to PAREB, its constituent boards and members, the authority to use the trademark REALTOR® and the block "R" logo in doing real estate business in the Philippines. NAREB president C. Arnel Nutter signed for NAREB, and PAREB president Antonio Varias for PAREB. Witnessing the signing, which was held at the Ceremonial Hall of Malacañang Palace, were Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia and U.S. Ambassador John Heckerson.

On November 12, 1990, a supplemental agreement was signed between PAREB and NAR-USA (formerly NAREB). The agreement specified that PAREB would see to it that the trademark REALTOR® and the block "R" logo  shall be used in the Philippines only to identify real estate professionals who are members in good standing of PAREB and bound by the REALTORS® Code of Ethics. PAREB Immediate Past President Ernesto Villamil signed for PAREB, and NAR President Norman Flynn signed for NAR-USA.

On June 29, 2009, Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9646, or the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines, more commonly referred to as the RESA law, was signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to professionalize and regulate the practice of real estate in the country. With industry changes, NAR did not renew its agreement with PAREB, but instead offered membership and the use of its trademark REALTOR® and the block "R" logo to licensed real estate practitioners through the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association (CREBA).

Despite this disappointment, PAREB remains committed to be at the forefront of professionalizing the real estate service profession, as well as promoting and expanding trade linkages to ensure dynamism in the real estate industry to assist in the government’s efforts towards genuine and sustainable development.

During its golden anniversary year, PAREB purchased its new home. The PAREB CENTER is a two-storey building located at P.E. Antonio St. (near corner E. Rodriguez Jr. St. or C-5), Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City - a full service center for its members. The fresh and modern-looking building was blessed and officially opened on May 15, 2011, PAREB's 51st anniversary.

PAREB stands proud of being the oldest and the largest real estate service organization in the country, composed of 61 member boardsstrategically located nationwide, with over 3,600 members.